Nicki Minaj Number 1 in the Top 40 Best Tracks of 2011


Ooooh, I bet you’re all excited! It’s….

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

Nicki Minaj has done a clever one. She forged her path as a strong and credible MC and rapper. Her distinctive style was one of the highlights of Kanye West’s ‘Monster’. She has this mad ability of changing characters and styles almost mid-sentence. So, after gaining the respect and support from many successful and credible rappers, she then goes and makes this massive, mental pop album and plastered it in bubble gum pink.

Super Bass made such an impact and had the whole world in pink fever. It’s such a clever pop song. The best ones are the ones that no matter who you are, it acceptable to like. Super Bass is one of those, you can’t escape it either.

Plus, I wish I was this little girl when I was a child:

Instead I used to blast out White Wedding by Billy Idol whilst in a push chair in stately homes and other inappropriate surroundings. Nothing changes.

My obsession with this track has made me become more obsessed with Monster. She proper kills it!


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