My Best Fiend – Higher Palms

There’s something quite special about new Warp signing, My Best Fiend. Initially, you think, they don’t really sound like a Warp act. There are no insane soundscapes, or bleeps or buzzes that Warp have become renowned for. But once you delve into them, you can hear why they make a good fit with the famous label. There are layers to this, all slotted together to create something quite beautiful and interesting. The vocals have that lazy, 60s psychedelic quality to them, which has been popular for a while now. But when most bands possess this kind of vocal, they usually drench everything so heavily in reverb that it disguises how little there is going on. Rather refreshingly, and probably why Warp were attracted to them in the first place, My Best Fiend don’t do this. In fact, they do the opposite. Showing off their skills and imagination with melodies that twinkle and whirl around you and guitar parts that go off on tangents in to the unknown.

Their debut album ‘In Ghostlike Fadings’ is out on Warp Records on the 20th February.

You can grab the first track ‘Higher Palms’ for free on their facebook.


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